2023 Jacksonport Fee Schedule



TOWN HALL RENTAL                             Main Room                                        Both Rooms                    

Deposit**                                                       $200.00                                               $300.00                        

Rental  Resident                                              $100.00/day                                        $150.00/day               

Rental Non-Resident                                      $150.00/day                                        $300.00/day

Non-Profit Community Groups*                   FREE                                                       FREE


PARK RENTAL                                   Pavilion Closer to Lake                    Pavilion Closer to Road

 Resident*                                                        $ 50.00/day                                         $ 50.00/day

Non-Resident                                                  $100.00/day                                        $100.00/day

Non-Profit Community Groups*                      FREE                                                 FREE


* With regard to the fee schedule for Town Hall and Park reservations, Resident is a Jacksonport resident, or Jacksonport property owner AND Non-Profit Community Groups are organizations based in, or with members that are residents of Jacksonport. 

** Deposit is returned or shredded when Town Hall is left in the same condition it was rented in

 Ball Park                                 $200.00 per team per season (softball)

 Cemetery                                $500.00/site                    Resident

                                                $1000.00                        Part-time Resident

                                                $1500.00                        Non-Resident

                                                $350.00                          Engrave Memorial

 Liquor License                        $100.00/year                  Class “B” beer

                                                $100.00                          “Class C” wine

                                                $250.00                          “Class B” liquor

                                                $350.00                          Combination

                                                $25.00                            Publishing

 Operator’s License                $20.00/year

 Cigarette                                $20.00/year

 Picnic                                      $10.00/event

 Publishing                              $25.00 / posting

 Title Search                            $25.00 / search

 Dog License                            $6.00/dog                       Neutered

                                                 $12.00                            Non-neutered