Invitation for Design_Build_Construction Management Services – Changing_/Restroom Facility

Town of Jacksonport

Invitation for Design/Build/Construction Management Services

Changing/Restroom Facility at Lakeside Park



The Town of Jacksonport is seeking qualified design/build/construction management services firms to bid on the finalization of design and actual construction of Lakeside Park’s Changing/Restroom Facility and related 2017 Consensus Plan features. The Jacksonport Parks Committee has recently finalized its consensus plan with supplement, the bases for this project, regarding the size, function, and aesthetics.  The town anticipates actual construction beginning just after Memorial Day 2018.


Bid responses should acknowledge the following three step methodology: 1) utilize the Changing/Restroom Facility Consensus Plan Packet with Supplement to formalize project design within a budget that is acceptable to the town, 2) provide actual project pricing in advance of completing final drawings, 3) provide final design, permitting, and complete construction management services.


Design/build/construction management firms interested should contact the Town Clerk at (920) 823-8136 or [email protected], request a Changing/Restroom Facility Consensus Plan Packet with Supplement, review said packet, and provide your sealed written proposal/bid addressed to the Jacksonport Parks Committee, prior to or at the Jacksonport Parks Committee’s 7 PM, November 13, 2017 meeting, at the Town Hall located at 3365 Cty V, Jacksonport, Wisconsin.


Elissa Taylor, Town Clerk