Notice of Invitation for Design/Build Input Restroom Facilities

Town of Jacksonport

Invitation for Design/Build Input

Changing/Restroom Facility at Lakeside Park



The Town of Jacksonport is seeking qualified design/build firms to discuss and ultimately bid on architectural, engineering, and specification writing services; as well as the construction of its proposed Changing/Restroom Facility at Lakeside Park.  The Jacksonport Parks Committee has recently finalized its consensus plan, the bases for this design/build project, regarding the size, function, and aesthetics of said facility.  Design/build firms interested should contact the Town Clerk at (920) 823-8136 or, request a Changing/Restroom Facility Consensus Plan Packet, review said packet, and participate at the Jacksonport Parks Committee meeting 7 PM, September 11, 2017, at the Town Hall located at 3365 Cty V, Jacksonport, Wisconsin.


Elissa Taylor, Town Clerk