Leadership Committee Meeting Next Tuesday, July 11th at 7PM

The Town held two Leadership Committee meetings in 2016 and the Board feels they were valuable in obtaining feedback and fostering cooperation. In my opinion, it was a very useful to see representatives from all the groups, clubs and committees in the Town talking together. The Plan Commission urged the Board to continue those meetings and the next meeting is scheduled for July 11 at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.


The purpose of this meeting is to share information, goals and problems. I hope the groups make brief presentations covering the discussion topics below:


1.            Projects or programs that the group is engaged in or planning to do.

2.            Issues or problems the group is facing.

3.            What do you need from the Town Board or other key stakeholders to be successful?


The Board believes that sharing this type of information will expose the community groups to the full range of current activities and new projects being planned for the Town. The benefit of this type of meeting is to improve communications between the various groups.


Please consider inviting the other members of your board or general membership to attend the meeting. Thank you again for participating. Please let Elissa Taylor know if you or your members will be attending the meeting.


Robert Kufrin