Committee Membership Opportunities

Committee Membership Opportunities

Town of Jacksonport



Notice is hereby given that two committee member’s terms of office on the Parks Committee and one on the Plan Commission are up for renewal effective June 1st of 2017. Jacksonport residents who would like to be considered for one of these committee positions should submit a one page letter of interest stating why you would like to serve and a second page stating your qualifications, curriculum vitae, or experience relative to this position to Town Chairman, Randy Halstead at Town of Jacksonport, 3365 City Road V, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235. Your application shall be in the office of the Town Clerk no later than Monday, May 22, 2017.

Per the Committee Bylaws and Rules, the Parks Committee shall provide oversight of activities occurring in the Town parks, and operate, maintain and improve the Town park system; coordinate the usage of Town parks and facilities for all festivals and ongoing regular usage; prepare an annual report on the activities and operations of the parks along with recommendations for future improvements; and prepare an annual budget for submission to the Town Board.

The Plan Commission shall evaluate economic development and related activities in the Town; identify strengths and weaknesses in the current economy; recommend projects and public improvements in the Town that improve the local economy; work to create jobs and development in the Town; work to create public improvements consistent with the approved land use plan and economic development marketing plan; make recommendations to the Town Board on issues requiring Town Board approval.

Elissa Taylor, Town Clerk